Warning: session_start()...

Hello there,

I've just finished to publish my websitehttp://www.communeetmoi.fr (I'm french).

I've found and solve lots of problem during transfert from my local XAMPP to my hoster Online.net.

Now it seems running but sometimes the following error message appear on my page :

Warning: session_start(): open(/flex/domain/communeetmoi.fr/site/www/files/tmp/sess_hbdd7ma4i3j0aj71mnh5kikck7, O_RDWR) failed: Input/output error (5) in /flex/domain/communeetmoi.fr/site/www/concrete/startup/session.php on line 36

Warning: session_start(): open(/flex/domain/communeetmoi.fr/site/www/files/tmp/sess_n86kvbsd905di2bl9f2gn78e73, O_RDWR) failed: Input/output error (5) in /flex/domain/communeetmoi.fr/site/www/concrete/startup/session.php on line 36

Any idea ?

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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
sounds like PHP isn't able to write to the tmp directory. Likely a problem with the host and not concrete5.
santeroc replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your interrest.

I have change the permission in my tmp folders to 777 and those problems seem to have disapear.

I have opened another post with another problem that appear randomly.