What are the upgrade steps to get from to the latest version?

I've checked the downloads page, but the instructions about needing to upgrade from one specific version to another in order to get to version 8.x stop before it references my version. What version can I upgrade to from in order to step up to one mentioned on the downloads page?

Also, just for my information, which version is the first to be compatible with PHP 7.2? Dreamhost just upgraded to that and my site went blank with an HTTP error 500.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The upgrade to is straight forward and is php7.2 compatible.

Beyond that, its more of a content migration to a new site rather than an upgrade. You would need to install the exporter, export the site content as xml, then import that to a fresh install of the latest 8.5.2. But even if the content imports, there is a lot more to it.

Bear in mind that addons and themes available for 5.6 may not be available for 5.7 or 8.x.

If your site is fairly static without any big changes on the horizon, get to and leave it there. If you have plans for onward development, then start a new site in 8.5.2 and migrate what content you need to continue.
jcarls replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! The only changes will be to add pages to the blog section, so it sounds like a simple upgrade will be fine.

For the future: is there a "how to" resource for how to set up a new version of Concrete5 so that I can test a move to the latest version? Is it just a matter of extracting the Concrete5 files to a separate root folder on the server, or are the resources shared across different sites under my server account?