When downloading upgrade : Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysql error


I just went to update to the latest version from and it has crashed my site when i clicked download, with the following error... any ideas please :)

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysql error: [1054: Unknown column 'logUserID' in 'field list'] in EXECUTE("insert into Logs (logType, logText, logIsInternal, logUserID) values ('exceptions', 'Exception Occurred: /home/proteus/public_html/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb-exceptions.inc.php:78 mysql error: [1146: Table \'proteus_concrete.PagePermissionAssignments\' doesn\'t exist] in EXECUTE("select pkID, paID from PagePermissionAssignments where cID = \'1\'")\n (1146)\n\n#0 /home/proteus/public_html/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb.inc.php(1037): adodb_throw(\'mysql\', \'EXECUTE\', 1146, \'Table \'proteus_...\', \'select pkID, pa...\', false, Object(ADODB_mysql))\n#1 /home/proteus/public_html/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb.inc.php(993): ADOConnection->_Execute(\'select pkID, pa...\')\n#2 /home/proteus/public_html/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/core/models/page.php(125): ADOConnectio in /home/proteus/public_html/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb-exceptions.inc.php on line 78

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BHWW replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok so i see this now:


which i have done and it is resolved, but as i didn't click update only download does anyone know why it added the 'DIR_APP_UPDATED' to the config/site.php as per the URL?

And am i ok to update it now? or will it fail again? any ideas?


mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
This typically occurs when your database version and the version in your /config/site.php are out of sync.

How did you go about updating. Did this happen after you clicked "Download" or after you clicked "Update"

Also, when you updated, did you get a blank screen or did it say update successful. And if so which version did it say it updated to?

Best Wishes,
JadedPerson replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi. I get the same error on one of my sites. The version numbers are the same (looking in config.php and the config table in the database.

[17-Dec-2012 19:16:12 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysql error: [2006: MySQL server has gone away] in EXECUTE("SHOW TABLES")
' in server_details_here/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb-exceptions.inc.php:78
Stack trace:
#0 server_details_here/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb.inc.php(1037): adodb_throw('mysql', 'EXECUTE', 2006, 'MySQL server ha...', 'SHOW TABLES', false, Object(ADODB_mysql))
#1 server_details_here/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb.inc.php(1012): ADOConnection->_Execute('SHOW TABLES', false)
#2 server_details_here/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb.inc.php(2273): ADOConnection->Execute('SHOW TABLES')
#3 server_details_here/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysql.inc.php(72): ADOConnection->MetaTables(false, false)
#4 server_details_here/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/startup/exceptions.php(7): ADO in server_details_here/updates/concrete5.6.0.2/concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/adodb-exceptions.inc.php on line 78