Will old concrete5 built website work with PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7?

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I want to completely renew an existing website built with concrete5 with wordpress. To do that PHP and MySQL have to be updated. Now I'm not sure if the current homepage will still work with that.

PHP Version 5.5.38
MySQL Version 5.5.52

The one who made the website in the first place is unforunately out of reach.

Hope someone knows help. Will be much appreciated!


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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm 99.99% sure concrete5 won't work on PHP7 (since 5.6 won't work either).
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
If you update to the latest c5.6.3.5, there is an unsupported hack posted on github that may enable you to run under php7. Some have had success with it (and some have not!!).

Backup first. Probably best to test the whole process on a clone of the site. Don't risk this on a live site.
walttheboss replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you please post the link. I can't find the hack you mention. Thanks
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply