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can not edit home page - errors

i am stuck. I have just done my second clean install and the update to the genesis theme, this is what i see: An unexpected error occurred. count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable. This is hugely frustrating. I am …

Add subdomain linking to main site

Customer site moved so they switched their dns to their new server. But they still want access to the old site via . They added the record pointing to my server IP address. But what do I need to change in C5 to make it work? Is it done …

Unable to upgrade past 8.1.0

Hi. I am struggling to upgrade my 8.1.0 C5 site. I am looking for some ideas on what to try next. I have tried upgrading through the dashboard to 8.2.1 (the only option available). That fails with an error message about som abstract classes in Doc…

Update from to current

Just Host did an update to the current version of Concete5 now I can not get in to work on the site. Anyone have a process I can follow to get the site running again?

smtp settings

Hey, I wish to use an add-on Toesslab to send newsletters with concrete5. I am unable to set the smtp settings. I receive an error. Please see the attachment for more info. thanks

Keeping part of old site in /public folder

I have taken over my running club's website and want to install concrete5 to make it better looking and easier to manage. Is it possible to re upload the old site, except index.html, into the public directory? The reason for this is that there ar…

A beginner's questions

Hello to everyone. I want to start with the fact that I'm very new to C5 CMS (one week today, good learning curve though) and a beginner in web design and all the stuff related to that. So be warned, it's possible to ask stupid questions :) Long sto…

Enabling the PHP fileinfo extension

Hello, friends. Am trying to install concrete5 on local host by its bringing on the -->Fileinfo Extension Enabled--< What can I do. Please help me

None of my links work

Hi, I've just been asked to take over a site developed using Concrete 5. I've unzipped the files, created the MySQL database and uploaded the contents. I've configured the database settings. When i open the site everything looks fine until i click o…

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