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Mod_rewrite - 404 Error

This is an installation moved from an old server. Everything is up and running, except enabling the mod_rewrite gives me a 404 Error (not found). The module is enabled (confirmed via file). Any ideas?

Moving Servers - Blank page

I have moved my installation to a new server, maintaining permissions, database, etc. I cannot, for the life of me, get past a blank index.php page. I can change the config/site.php to point to a fresh database and the site works fine. Any ideas?

Http/FTP Upload | manual insert into DB

Is it possible to upload files into the CMS threw ftp instead of normal http post protocol. I'm having troubles with some file extentions and file sizes. I have no access to php.ini and i also tried to override it with the .htaccess file. But all i got is…

Upgrading from 5.0.0

I have been informed that to upgrade from 5.0.0 to 5.2.0 I need to first upgrade to 5.1.0. This is fine except that the sourceforge download page has no link anymore to 5.1.0. I found some release notes for 5.1.0 with a link to a download on sourceforge, …

Move from dev to live server

Hello. I apologize if someone already answered this but i can't seem to find it. Is there an easy way to push my site from my dev server (local windows xp machine running apache) to my live server (linux machine)? I am uploading the entire directory an…

Windows Beginner Install Guide

I have created a newbie windows install how to. Someone at concrete: do I have your permission to take a screen shot of the install page to insert into the guide? If no, I will remove it, no problem. Would you like to look at it and see if it is …

Please help with installation - (Do I have all the files?)see my URL

My very first post :) I have installed quite a few PHP scipts and in particular several CMS/php scripts. I think I may a bad download. I downloaded several times, the latest being v5.1. I renamed the index so that you may check that if in fact have all…

replicating a production site in Dev mode

I am trying to copy a production site and create a development sandbox. Not sure what step I missed, but when I enter the dev URL it redirects to the production site. Help!

Pages not linked properly

I recently reinstalled my Ubuntu LAMP. I was having problems with the error below until I cleared my /files/cache. The problem now is that my page nav returns a 404. I can view and edit the pages in sitemap - no problem. What are your suggestions? Perm…

Multi-client use ... do you need just one install?

Hi, I'm evaluating C5 and I'm new to CMS's. If we wanted to use C5 for all our client's websites, would we simply have just one install of C5 which is shared by all the clients, or would we need to install C5 for each client separately? Thanks.

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