5.5 in other languages?

I'm desperate. Maybe I'm just incompatible with this website, but I never seem to find the answers to urgent and obvious questions, like that one:

How do I get at least a german backend if not a multilingual site in 5.5?
This MUST have been an issue/question before today. I can't find anything in the docs nor in the forums... Isn't this one of the obvious things one should inform the community with such a big change? Am I simply too stupid to find it?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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programmieraffe replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

I just had the same problem, because the infos on the download page are somehow a little bit confusing, so I wrote a how-to:


Worked for me (german as well), if you have any questions let me know.

abra100pro replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a lot (in English for others as well). That helped me set it up - I thought this procedure has gone somewhen between 5.3 and 5.4... anyway the multilingual add-on seems not to be compatibel yet. Are there somewhere informations from the core team about (near) future plans regarding this topic?...

Can I help translating the rest of the interface? As I can see a lot is still missing and that is even more confusiong for customers to use as to leave it in english.
programmieraffe replied on at Permalink Reply
Glad that it helped you.

"If you'd like to help translate concrete5, you should request access to the mygengo translation repository, to edit strings and improve the quality of our translation files. Please! When requesting access, specify which languages you're able to translate. Also, make sure to join the internationalization forum and introduce yourself."
( source:http://www.concrete5.org/developers/translate/... )

Request access here:http://mygengo.com/string/p/concrete5-1/access/request...

I just got accepted at mygengo as translator yesterday by the c5 team. I asked in the internationalization forum who's on board to translate 5.5.1 and wants to discuss some major terms:

I don't know if the guys athttp://www.concrete5-cms.de are working on it as well on myGengo. I wanted to ask them today but you have to be activated on their forum by an administrator (d'oh).

What do you mean with the multilingual add-on?
This one:http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/internationalization/... ?
programmieraffe replied on at Permalink Reply
If you do mean internalization add-on, there is a beta available for testing with 5.5:
abra100pro replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, I give it a try! Not on the site I'm gonna give training to the customer , tomorrow ;-) but I already got several 5.5ers running :-)
programmieraffe replied on at Permalink Reply
I had a short presentation today and my customer did not notice on first sight, that there is german-english mix in the dashboard. So good luck with your customer! ;)
furehead replied on at Permalink Reply
Here there are some german language files: