Adding non-ASCII characters to TinyMCE


I've added a custom character (lower case 'a' with a macron - Māori) into the TinyMCE editor, it shows up fine in the TinyMCE editor window - until I hit the update button at least.

After I hit update it turns the character into a question mark.

Now, my DB encoding and collation are set to UTF-8 as per other threads in the forum, plus adding the html entity code


in an HTML block works fine (see attached image).

So my question is how is the content block input sanitised and filtered?

I see the textarea/controller.php file calls the htmLawed.php third party library, so I thought adding the html entity into the allowed array in the htmLawed.php file would be a good place to start

'diams'=>'9830', 'amac'=>'257', 'apos'=>'39',

but this doesn't seem to make any difference?

Anyone have any ideas?



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Fernandos replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hello :)

I wrote a topic specifically for such problems.
Hope it helps you!
drichardson23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the tip.

But entity_encoding : "raw" didn't work, I had to use entity_encoding : "numeric"

Thanks again.
vladimirsvab replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Hi I am new here and I don't find custom settings for tinymce in dashboard. Btw. my proble is seen on two attachments. Mayby somoeone help me haw to do it if I want to use my language in Concrete5