An easy way to merge po-files for a recent update

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I hope this "how-to" will help you in translation.

You don't need to run any commands in Linux / MacOS command line, just simply install Poedit:

Then, follow this steps:
1. Open Poedit
2. File > New catalog
3. You can leave information fields empty.
Type in Paths:
[your path to a project updates dir, here's my]
Type in Keywords:
4. Click "OK"
Choose dir and po-filename, for example "5405.po"
Poedit will analyse code & search strings.
5. Click "OK"
Now you have a file with translation strings from a recent concrete5 update.
6. To merge your current po-file, you have to open it and click:
Catalog > Update from POT-file
and choose "5405.po"
Poedit will show you new & obsolete strings.

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jcd replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
You can skip 1-5 steps
and pickup attached "5405.po" file
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
as far as I remember Andrew always updated these files and we simply had to translate the new strings..

Why did you have to scan the files on your own?
jcd replied on at Permalink Reply
Because, it's very simple. It only took me 3-5 minutes. But for all of us, translation maintainers, we can save enough time for Andrew for his work at concrete5 core :)

For example, russian translation in SVN:
last updated 3-11.
Strings are from 5.4.0RC, this is Andrew's post about it:

I manually updated 5.4.0RC strings with 5405.po file.
marticps replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh thank you!
And then is there a way to upload the PO file to MyGengo?

Thank you.

sorry my bad english