Any way to make language code optional in url?

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See how Apache's documentation works:

This will show up in your native language. You [i]can[/i] click on a language and then in that case it will show said documentation in that selected language. But leaving out the code from the url, defaults to the detected language. I'd like it more if it saved your language choice as a cookie and that could override the detection, but either scenario is better than how concrete5 is designed.

I think it's ugly and bad how there [b]always[/b] is the language code in the url. That makes me feel like I'm in 1999. Even once you have the pretty urls working, you're still stuck with info that doesn't have to be part of the url in the url. Is there any way to make concrete5 not make that mandatory and not show up by default at least?

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kouba replied on at Permalink Reply
I too would love to see a way to have a default for the URL in multilanguage site.

I also find it a bit strange that the URL helper does not honor the language. So I can't use code like this here to get the link to my single page

but have to use this here