Automatic language switch based on user lang

Hi everyone,
I'm having a few problems with multilang. Specifically my site has two languages, a default, let's say en_US, and a second one, de_DE. I'd like to have my site shows in de_DE if the user's lang is in fact de_DE and I've seen this is not happening. I've tried several combinations/browers. I'm using concrete5 8.0, but I'm currently setting up another instance to try with 8.1.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. of course I've the option in the multilanguage section for guessing user's lang but it just doesn't work.

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typoman76 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
There are several bugs in 8/8.1 with multilingual contents. The are listed as issues on github and planned for the 8.2 release.
I'm waiting for these fixes too.

The actual progress and issue-liste on 8.2 is here

This seems your issue:
nickname1794 replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh... I actually saw (and sometimes fixed) a few of them... I've been suspecting that... Well thanks anyway. If I'll sort this out I'll post my solution ofc.