Hello there! I am new to this forum, but i have some questions to ask:
You know what the trend is in the modern world of internet?
Of course you know the answer: friendly user interfaces and easy to build websites.
So this is the new "wave".
I study every php cms and none of them has the features of CONCRETE5.
It is far more better on friendly user interface then the others.
In this case i want to know if there is a way how we can support those beautifull minds who create this php cms to keep evolving until the CONCRETE5 it will be the BEST CMS IN THE WORLD.
Best regards and if we don't support what we love, we deserve what we have.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
you should contact Franz. He's the head of the core team. Here's his public profile from where you can send him a private message:
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd suggest that one of the best ways to support concrete5 is to simply be an active member in the community.

- Be part of discussions, help to answer questions
- Support the marketplace by buying add-ons and themes to help you with your projects. Add-ons are really great value, they tend to be inexpensive but often save hours of development time.
- Write concrete5 related blog posts, share discoveries, ways of solving problems, make videos - raise concrete5's visibility on the web!
- Contribute to the documentation, write how-tos
- If you are coder, help with testing, bug fixes or features

I'd suggest that concrete5 suffers from a serious lack of people blogging about it. There are so many interesting things about concrete5 to talk about, yet I don't really see that many concrete5 related blogs out there. We modestly blog about concrete5 when we can, but we get great responses from the posts we do put up and it helps to build our profile as well - it's a win/win.