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Good morning, i was able to install and setup my blog, on my website, following this tutorial:
No problem, working like a charm.

Then i tried to add another blog, on my other language Tree (I have 2 language on my site: Eng (default tree) and Ita, and i need to add one post in one only)
Dobuled the topics tree, the template pages and the page types for the blog and for the entry.

The procedure seems to work as well, but i can't create the page on the italian side...

When i click to: ADD PAGE on the blog, the composer opens but the page location is EMPTY, he can't find the parent page... I can attach the screenshot on both the site tree.... I think it's an internationalizations issue... Realated to the root node of the site...

How can the same block or component work on one side and not on the other? Am i missing something dumb???
Please let me know is someone solved this issue... Thanks a lot,

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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Which concrete5 version are you using?
next2punto0 replied on at Permalink Reply
The latest 8.1.0..

It's a known issue?