Community Store Russian Translation


I have completed a Russian translation of the Community Store package version 1.3.1 ( ).

The developers do not actually provide the package translations, it's done by other developers in community projects, apparently through Transifex. I'll try to register and submit it there.

Are there any heroes here who can check it out, who can do a sanity check? The files are here:

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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Transifex will perform some sanity checks when you submit .po files to it.

You can also perform some checks locally using the msgfmt gettext tool:
msgfmt --check messages.po
linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply
I've completed my translation in Transifex. The Community Store Russian translation is 100 % complete.

However, I notice that some strings in the store are not translated (more info here: ) even though every single string is. Changing text of some of them in file from English to Russian shows them in Russian, so the code is ok. Their translation is not picked up by the internationalization on C5 for some reason.

So, could it be package related or it's more of a global C5 issue? Could it be something to do with the package installation? For example, I noticed the page names, e.g. Checkout, in the site map. If the package is installed without other languages and translations are added later, can it be that some strings related to page names, page attributes, other store item attributes are not translated because of that?