Concrete5 5.6 Hebrew RTL & TinyMCE

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Hi all,

I'm about 60% through the translation of C5 into Hebrew (Attached is a screenshot of the dashboard in Hebrew). I need some tips about RTLing the dashboard. I have looked at how Wordpress and Gantry handle i18n, but the C5 dash doesn't even remotely resemble these, especially at the CSS level. Does anybody, Arabic or Persian users have any useful info to offer?

TInyMCE, I downloaded the language pack, copied the files from root/concrete/js to root/js and installed the language pack there - site broke. Is this not best practice?

Lastly, small form issue, when I went to put a tag in Hebrew in this forum form, it wouldn't accept the ת character (in the Hebrew word for Hebrew: עברית) because it's on the same keyboard key as the English comma.

Any help much appreciated.


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