Concrete5 Installed language pack, but dashboard is still in English

Hey guys,

I'm running a QNAP TS-251-4G NAS server. Now that I have once the opportunity, I'm interested in migrating from Joomla! to Concrete5. At the moment, I've installed the Concrete5 version that's offered by the QNAP's own App Center, but also Joomla! 3.x. for comparison purposes.

To add a new language in Concrete5, I chose the "5.6.2 (or lower)" language pack (the translation status is 100% finalized). I followed the instruction on this site:

Now that I changed the language to German, the Dashboard interface is still in English. I've read that if the language translation is not 100% finalized and non-translated contents might be encountered, it would switch back to English - but I guess that's not the case here.
Adding a localization line to config/site.php also didn't make the difference, but this was expectable, since it served a workaround until the 5.4.x versions.

PS: I also installed Joomla! 3.x. and changing the language pack works. So what's the point that it seems not to work with Concrete5?

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accountkiller replied on at Permalink Reply
I bypassed the QNAP's offered Concrete App, and installed directly from your website. Due to this approach, I am able to use a wizard instead of getting a pre-configured website. And here - I can go for my languages.