Critical access issues after enabling Multilingual Setup

Hi everyone,

I have to ask community help because of the critical issue we're having with Multilingual Setup. It's submitted as a bug, but there is no guarantee it will be fixed or even reviewed... And we are really at a loss how to get it fixed.

So, the issue is: When at least a single Content Section is added to Multilingual Setup, and when trying to login into Edit Mode session is instantly lost (user is logged out). The session is lost momentarily - so even the JS files that C5 back-end tries to load (like /ccm/assets/localization/jquery/ui/js) contain full public page HTML instead (thus leading to loads of JS errors and not working back-end).

If in the Multilingual Setup we change "Load Interface Language from" to "User Profile" instead of default "Page (if it exists)", then the issue above only occurs if "[ ] Stay logged for two weeks" at the login screen is UNCHECKED. However, even in this case /ccm/assets/localization/jquery/ui/js is served as HTML instead of JS *ONCE* first time right after login.

By playing around with Multilingual Setup sometimes I could achieve a state when the user is not logged out, but /ccm/assets/localization/jquery/ui/js is constantly loaded as HTML (containing the full public page HTML), which leads to JS errors and inability to edit page blocks. All in all, any of these issues are gone if we remove content sections from Multilingual Setup, and reappear if we configure them back.

The bug report is here:

If anyone had similar issues, please raise your hands. Any help will be hugely appreciated, as we have to get the back-end running smoothly for a client.

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