Datepicker, form submit, dashboard language problems on a multilingual site

I'm working on a site that will have 7 languages. I have a form with datepicker. I need to be able to format the date based on the active language. I've tried the methods I found on the forums (like editing the site.php to check the URL, then set locale based on that, but it simply didn't work). I was able to set the locale in the site.php, but it only applied the "default" criteria, no matter the active language. It's beyond frustrating.

So, is there any way to get the datepicker to display the appropriate format based on the active language? I don't even care if the days and months are not translated, just format the dates in the input field as for one language, and dd/mm/yy for another. How could I achieve this?

Other problem: I use a custom form, and then a form block. The form block needs the submit button translated, so I've downloaded the hungarian translation files for c5. The submit button is now translated automatically, but the dashboard is in some kind of schizophrenic state, where the edit bar is in english, but the full dashboard is in hungarian even if I select english in the language options. It looks extremely unprofessional. I want the dashboard to stay english. What could I do to alleviate this problem?

For the record, I'm using this code in the header of my theme, to get the autonav working normally.
$lang = LANGUAGE;
   $locale = ACTIVE_LOCALE;
   $home = DIR_REL;
   if( Package::getByHandle('multilingual') ) {
      $ms = MultilingualSection::getCurrentSection();
      if (is_object($ms)) {
         $home = Loader::helper('navigation')->getLinkToCollection($ms, true);
         $lang = $ms->getLanguage();
         $locale = $lang . "_" . $ms->getIcon();

Thank you in advance

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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
The next version of concrete5 (that could be will fix the problem with multiple languages and datepicker.

About having mixed languages (page language and user language clashing): that's an old problem that would require a major rewrite of concrete5...