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Hi Folks,

I have the following problem:

We are developing a bilingual website with internationalization module (english + french).
We have also installed the 2 languages for the interface.

For the contact form we use the default CAPTCHA module.
The block uses the classic t('blablabla') structure to translate content.

The problem is that the module doesn't take in account the page language but only the interface language. It results the CAPTCHA (and other interface elements) texts are always displayed in the interface language and not in the selected internationalization language (but the translation exists in .po file).

Is that a bug or a normal behavior? Is there a way to bypass that with something like:
set page language = internationalization language

Thanks in advance!

Diabolo Design

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billabong replied on at Permalink Reply
same problem here,
I´m trying to solve it with custom templates for each languages as described here:

But just can´t find the string, neither in view.php or controller.php

So I´m open to solutions!
ive replied on at Permalink Reply
Salut Marc, did you manage to fix this issue?

I'm working on a bilingual site at this moment and i will be facing this problem.

Merci, for helping me