German Translation Files for Concrete5 5.5.1

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Here is my for a German backend translation of 5.5.1: (Last Update: March 14th 2012)

How to activate:
Extract archive and copy file to
(you have to create the folders in the empty languages folder)

Add two lines to /config/config.php:
define('LOCALE', 'de_DE');
setlocale (LC_TIME, "de_DE");

Give it a try and give me feedback if you got corrections or find bugs (nothing is perfect but I wanted to give it a start).


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blackgate replied on at Permalink Reply
Thx it works perfect :)

Regards Blackgate
furehead replied on at Permalink Reply
Today I completed and corrected my German language files for Concrete5 5.5.1 - nearly every string is translated now (if translatable).

You can Download the German Translation using the same link like above (only the linked files have changed).

Here is a link to my github fork from which these files are taken:
tsilbermann replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey furehead,

thanks for the translation. Two sentences sonds strange:

There has been a submission of the form %s on through your concrete5 website.\n
To view all of this form's submissions, visit %s \n

Das Formular Kontakt wurde über Ihre Website gesendet.


Über das %s-Formular Ihrer Website wurde eine Nachricht gesendet.\n


Um alle Antworten von diesem Formular zu sehen, besuchen Sie

Um alle bisherigen Nachrichten zu sehen, besuchen Sie %s \n

Second thing the e-mail subject:

%s Form Submission

Kontakt Formular Einreichung


Kontakt Formular Nachricht!

Wenn noch jemand bessere Formulierungen einfallen...