(German) translation of concrete5

I want to start again a discussion about the translation of the current c5 version.

It seems to me that myGengo is concrete5's official translation tool.

Most or many of the translated items, don't work in the current concrete5 (

What to do? Will there be a new section in myGengo for the current version?

We would really like to help to finalize the German translation, but currently I am a little bit confused where and how.

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synlag replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hey there,

I'm looking forward to, that a new section for the current version will be created at mygengo.
Currently it looks a bit weird, see screenshot, but the mygengo support told me, the will fix this layout issue.
The latest version (5.5.1) also appears with 0 words, guess the file is broken.

Mnkras (mygengo admin for c5) should be able to add the latest version.
As soon as this happened, I'm glad to help out with translating the latest version.
synlag replied on at Permalink Reply
I've added the latest section and will import the latest translation file later, still at work.
furehead replied on at Permalink Reply
Great work Ron!
Thanks for finally importing the latest existing translation to gengo.
I have just tested the download and it worked fine for me.

For regular users I find it a little bit hard to create the .mo files from the .po files because you need extra tools.