How to change the default locale path/url


I have one website that needs to be setup with three regions. en-gb, en-us and en-au.

I have setup multilingual so I now have three sitemap trees one for each region but there is something I need to do but not sure how to do it.

I need the URL for the default locale's home page to be not

The above happens for the other two locales for example.http://www.mysite/en-us works, it links to the US home page.

Can anyone help me please?

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jruutu replied on at Permalink Reply
I have same problem, any solutions for this?
jruutu replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I find sollution for this.

What I did was change the default language to another, then delete original language and then created that again. No it seems to work, but let's if whole site goes down with flames...