I cannot see my page types in the other language tree


I have a pretty urgent request, I am creating a multiligunal site.

I have copied all the english pages under the japan sitemap. They all seem to be working now on the frontend but I have serious problem in the backend.

When adding a page type for say Case studies or Reports they working fine and I can list these pages in the Pagelist loop and filter etc etc on the front end. When I try and add a new Report under the Japan language tree, I cannot see the Page type listed when I click, see screengrab of en version and ja version below.

Can anyone help me its pretty urgent and serious.


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
If you go to the Dashboard -> Full Sitemap and go to Permissions for the top level Japanese page, click on Add Sub-Page and go to the Details tab, are those page types selected to be allowed to be added below this tree?
mdunbavan replied on at Permalink Reply
The permissions is just permissions for who can edit the pages.

When I go to Add page it only shows page type. When I go to say Contact and try to add a new location it should have page type 'Locations' but nothing comes up. It does in the english site though