Internalization + single pages

It's great that the Internalization package is now integrated in Concrete 5.7. But it seems single pages are still not supported in this feature which kind of makes Internalization a problem if you need to use these in your application (in my case the login page and registration page).

I managed to create page types of the login and register pages by copying and modifying the code and templates a little. But it's nasty because I have to redirect everything to the corresponding pages I created in the sitemap based on the user's language and I'm not sure what other problems I will encounter further on. It also creates problems with Single Sign On (Authentication types) as the oAuth handlers redirect to /login.

Can't find much on the subject, any suggestions anyone? I'm considering just creating two separate websites because I'm stuck here.

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Lemonbrain replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey everyone
Im having the same issue. But creating two separate sites isn't an option for me.
Am i getting it right: there is currently no solution for translating a non dashboard single page in 5.7?
Im a bit confused because dashboard pages translate well.
Any ideas anyone?