Is it possible to display a flag only if page exists ?

Hi community,

We have a multilingual website but some of our pages are not available in all the languages.

The problem is that the flag is always displayed, whether the page exists or not.

From my research it seems that this information is not available when the page is loaded. The links on the flags are generated automatically and it's only when one of those is called that the CMS checks if the page is existing or not.

So far it wasn't a big issue as we didn't have many unique pages but now we would like to offer few pages in a new language and we don't want to have the flag of this new language everywhere as we'll only have 5% of the content available.

Is there a trick or we would have to program something and check directly on the DB ?

For your information, we run :
- C5 version
- Internationalization - 1.3

Thanks for your Help !

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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Let's say that language A is the one with much more pages, whereas language B is the one you don't have some/many pages in.

What about a person that speak language B arrives on pages in language A? In that case he/she wouldn't be able to change the language.
The current approach of the multilingual page is to always show both A and B flags. If a corresponding page in language B is shown, clicking on its icon users will be redirected to that page; if the page in B does not exist, users will be redirected to the homepage of the language B.
PPCm replied on at Permalink Reply
I fully understand this and we also have discussed about that but in our case it would be more frustrating for the user to see a language available but without any content really available.

For instance, we would only have 5-6 pages translated out of 100+ in this new language. Therefore displaying a language that is not available in 95% is in our eyes a bit useless.

I assume then that there is no quick trick to implement this and we would have to do our own stuff, right ?

From the UI perspective, we'll try to do something clean like maybe displaying the language but with an opacity or something indicating that it is not available.