Is there a native possibility to store multilanguage objects in db?

Hi, I was asked to create a package for a multilanguage website.
In TYPO3 it is simple to store translated records - there is a main record, let's say a product, in the default language, and alternative language records can easily be stored/created. That way, the product in the alternative language holds a reference to the default language record.
Is there a similar possibility in Concrete5 to store multilanguage records?

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
We deal with each language as its own tree in concrete5.

We maintain relationships between similar pages across different languages once you setup multi-lingual (in core).

This might help:

So is there a way to store a different instance of the same block but typed for languages using the same site tree? Nope, not without some hacking.
kfidel replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, thanks. That's a pity...