I'd like to translate cc5 to Japanese.
I will get the localized build.

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tom replied on at Permalink Reply
I think that a cord for not only translation of Concrete5 but also multilingualization is necessary.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
i'm going to start a new thread about building multilingual sites in chit-chat if your interested.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi guys.

I am representing a Japanese open source group called Usagi Project.


We are currently making an open source SNS.

And we love to incorporate Concrete5 and our SNS at the same time representing Concrete5 itself on our site.

We are wondering about what's going on with translating the system into Japanese version.

katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Okaaaay... we got some problem with MySQL full-text search only for Japanese.

I just realized it now....

Because MySQL full-text index search distinguish the word by spotting the space, it won't work for Japanese.

MySQL Forums :: Full-Text Search :: Japanese full text search?
MySQL Full Text Search in MySQL 5.1: New Features and How To
how fulltext support chinese search

Japanese does not have space in-between the words.

Here is a several the solutions...

1. Going back to modified Lucene Search
2. Add module like Senna

We have made Lucene work already.. so the quickest way is to go back to the old way.... which doesn't highlight the text...

We will eventually spend time to do this... but I feel like I have to change from indexing job to search blocks to libraries script....

We'll see how much time we need to make Senna package into concrete5... I guess unless anybody else has another suggestion.

Since so many people are waiting for concrete5 Japanese release, we may go back to Lucene Search so that we can release it right away.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Unfortunately, I had to switch the search block back to Lucene from MySQL Full-Index Search for Japanese version for the problem mentioned above.

Since I really really want to release Japanese version ASAP, I decided to switch the search block back to our Japanese-modified Lucene program for now.

Anyway, besides this search problem, everything seems working fine now.

Now I'm putting all my efforts to create the minimum help docs and screencast and launch the concrete5 japan site~!
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
Too bad!

Going back to Lucene doesn't seem to be a great solution and Senna isn't working for everyone as well.

You need root access to compile your own mysql + senna, which most people don't have.

I guess there's not a single solution that works for everyone....

Right now, the one solution I see is to ship Concrete5 with two different search solutions!
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
The release of concrete 5.3.0 Japanese, and the launch of its web site

Usagi Project is pleased to announce the released of concrete 5.3.0 Japanese version, and the launch of our web site on April, 17, 2009 (JST).


Due to the language barrier between Japanese and English, Usagi Project made a decision to distribute the package separately from concrete5's SourceForge account but through our SourceForge.jp account.

If you are interested in using concrete5 Japanese, please visit our web site.

We, Usagi Project, will closely keep in touch with the concrete5 core team to make sure that Japanese users continue to benefit from this wonderful CMS.

We hope that we can make the world the better place together with the concrete5 core team!

We, Usagi Project, are also an Open Source group, and keep looking for new members. If you can read both English and Japanese, and have extra time to help us, please visit our web site and submit your membership request.


Usagi Project