Language saved in database defaults to english, although base.php is updated (C5.4.1)


I have changed base.php to define("LOCALE", 'da_DK'), and placed the language file in /da_DK/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po

A fresh installation starts in Danish, but block description and default content are still in English (strings loaded from the database), everything loaded from messages.po are in danish.

Before 5.4.1 I never had any problems with language packs.
I have tried with other language packs, and have the same problem with 5.4.1. Strings written to database are in English, although base.php is updated.
See attached screenshot.

Any idea?

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griebel replied on at Permalink Reply
I have noticed that Concrete 5.4.1 is using:
to populate the database, but these files ignore any external language files, on a new install, different from English :(

A complete change of language worked fine before 5.4.1
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
very interesting, make a bug report :)
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
fixed in dev
RII replied on at Permalink Reply
Which changes has been made to fix that!
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply

Japanese team decided to change the sample.sql completely to Japanese.

Ideally, we could prep the "sample.sql" for individual languages.

For installation, it's better to inject the translated SQL than inject SQL as translating while installation.. it'll save the PHP execution time too.
RII replied on at Permalink Reply
thought about that to, but i think it´s better to keep the core as is!