Let's start official Translation Group

Hey guys,

This is Katz from concrete5 Japan.

I'm mainly running an English website about Japan on concrete5

This is my main job. I'm not a web programmer, or designer. I just self-taught myself to do this.

As you may know, Franz was looking for the community leader.

And I was selected to be the leader of translation group.

As concrete5 grows, we came to the point where we can kinda centralized how we are moving our internationalozation effort.

Franz pointed out the translation roadmap

But sometime, translators all know that there are missing "t" or sometime the "t" is not wrapped properly for your language.

We now need the place where we can discuss and suggest to the core team so that the people from all over the world can satisfy the internationalization of concrete5.

Here are what I'm thinking of

- Establish right communication way between every language teams and core team
- Create the documentations for internationalization to share with everybody
- For Core
- For Add-on
- Support to other new-comer language teams

Personally, I want to see if we can organize some international events such as WordCamp, or DrupalCon... but that's not really realted to translation....

First, I would like to establish the right communication among core, language teams

I can suggest:

- Keep This Internationalization Forum
- All international members must pay attention to this forum
- Mailing List
- Google Group
- Other groupware service
- IM
- Skype
- AOL (iChat)
- Google Voice
- MSN Messenger
- Facebook Group
- IRC Channel
- Ustream + Chat + Skype
- Project Management Tools such as TRAC or REDMINE

I, first, would like to ask the leaders of language teams to join the conversation. And I would like to get to know who're working on what.

I'll also PM to the leaders of the following pages.

But I know there are many other people from other countries are already working for the internationalizing the concrete5.

Why I'm doing this?

- concrete5 community becomes bigger
- Many language teams started working on
- We started wasting our times
- It could get out-of-control
- Need better communication among core and each language

The goal

- Connect among core and each language
- Try to minimize the core modifucation
- Centralized the suggestion to the core team
- e.g.,) core team often forget to wrap the string with "t" and etc
- Minimize the release date of each language
- Help new language to start translating easily


- Let's even talk about the goals of Translation Group

First, communication

I would like to establish the right connection between the group leaders to start,

If particular language team has no leader, Translation Group could help initiate the leader of the language.

- Need to know who's the leader

But we need to select the right communication method.

Messeging service sugegstion

For me, sometime, it's time consuming to write something onto the forum.
I kinda want to have messeging service.

(You can say that we just should keep talking on this internationalization thread.)

I know many people like IRC, but it doesn't offer the log. If you're logged out, you will miss the message.

So I would kinda like to use

- Skype
- Facebook Group
- iChat

Project Management, or ToDo system

I think I would like to see what kind of problem that each language faces.
We should have ticket system

- concrete5 bug tracker system (?)
- GitHub
- Trac
- LaunchPad

Regular online meeting

Maybe we should organize the regular or irregular online meeting among internationalization team.

I suggest to use Ustream show like concrete5 Japan and concrete team do.

- Language team leader connect via Skype
- Other members connect via social timeline
- Screen share and discuss the topics

But we all have the time difference, so I don't know if we can even meet at the same time. So I doubt if we can do it... but I suggest anyway.

I would like to start discussing these.

Thank you very much for your help.

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cali replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Katz,

please to read you :)

first i'll present myself a little:

i'm Cali the french c5 community's team leader. I translate C5 since the 5.0.1 release (yes the firts was translated in hard directly in the code) and some addons too since c5.4.1.

what i've translated is here:http://cms.concrete5.fr/ressources/telechargements/telecharger-une-...

i also start the documentation in french on concrete5.fr and make a little tuto on how to translate an add ons on c5_fr and here in english (http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/developers/how-to-translate-a-concrete5s-package-in-your-language/)

to contact me, it's quite easy:

aim/ichat: concrete5fr
Msn: [email protected]
yahoo: concrete_fr
skype: concrete5_fr
mail: [email protected]
facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/concrete5.fr/... andhttps://www.facebook.com/calibalistik...

I think this is a very good starting point to have someone to manage the translators and international community :) it was difficult to discuss about with the core team as they have man other things to do too.

i take the liberty to comment your good message, take in mind that is only my point of view and i'm perhaps wrong on some points, but it always good to have different point of view.

about what you're thinking of:

1. etablish the communication translators <-> core team: i think it's better to have one personn to do it and centralize the dialog points, then i think about you.
2. documentation for internationalisation: there is already on many communities website if think. in my mind the best way is to find a standardisation of the presentation/plan but it's better to have it on each communities website. if i take my own exemple it's simple to me to manage the technical support directly on it. i don't spend many time here to make support but i do on c5_fr website.
3. Support to other new-comer language teams: i'm not sure to understand what you mean by that.

about wht you suggest:

1. keep the internationalisation forums: why not but a dedicated section would be great too to be able to easilly follow it. Not to have the threads in the middle of oher standard support threads. The c5.org forums are good but there is not many functions instaed of a real forum engine, may be in the futur this addon will be more complete.
2. pay attention about: of course.
3. mailing list/google group: i'm not fan about but why not.
4. groupware/project management tools: why not, it could be good.
5. chatting, you have mine, i'll follow what you prefer to do of course.
6. IRC/upstream: why not, the time offset will be hard to manage but it's not a bad idea.

why you're doing it:

yes we have already started to waste time about, but now i'm sure we'll can work in th right way :)
for myself i'm doing translation time to time in updating my own trunk fr_FR files from the alpha/beta github c5's code. i also purge the fuzzy and non necessary strings (what it is hard to do with gengo, i know well shell gettext and poedit) it' perhaps for this reason that the fr transmation is marked as not complete on mygengo.
you're right they are some t() function missing in core code and even in the core addons. As the exemple installation texte whitch are not translated even if they are in the language files. It also miss the date translation (day/mounth) with is really important.

first communication:

i'll wait your "instructions" :) about the right way to communicate, and as you know about the french speaking community i'm the manager.
you know that you can count on me.

messaging service suggestion:

i don't have some, do as you want, i'll follow. but i think a dedicated space (forum for exemple) would be great to have a trace online of the past in addition of messengers.

Project Management, or ToDo system:

As you want, but i think the c5's bug tracker system in not so good to do it. it's a bug tracker without managing task, to do list, dead line, and so on.

Regular online meeting:

As you want to, i agree that it will not be simple.

To end this message:

I'm glad to see that we start to go in a good way of work. I'm also pleased to meet you.


kvt replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Katz.

My name is Konstantin. I'm from Russia, Moscow. My company make development websites on Concrete5 and we make the translation to Russian.

We make translation add-ons also (our last work: translation for corecommerce add-on).

My contacts:
e-mail: [email protected]
skype: k-tarasov
icq: 298-617-994

I'm glad to see that we start to go in a good way of work. I'm also pleased to meet you.

Best regards,
hanicker replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Katz

I'm Nicola, from Verona, Italy. I made part of the first italian translation of concrete5, and I mantain the italian community athttp://www.concrete5.it.
I started translating some bit of documentation in the wiki of that site, but it's a long work to do.

I agree with you about communication and goals. As cali I think c5 bug tracking is not so good for project management. I would prefer a system like Teambox or Podio, but I'll follow you everywhere. As a messanging service I would suggest skype.

You can contact me using:
skype: hanicker
mail: [email protected]
gtalk: nicola.mti
twitter: hanicker
facebook: hanicker

Waiting and ready for further communcation, you can count on me!

Pleased to meet you

Best regards,
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Katz,

I appreciate your effort but I think you're aiming at too high, translations are important but at the end it's just about translation.

I wouldn't want to have a new tool for this, keep it in the forums where we already are. No facebook group, no msn. Everything uses different tools and most people won't start with something new just because of the translations.

I also don't recommend regular online meetings, if there's something to talk about, let invite the people you need, we already have enough things to do.

It might be just me but I'm still not sure if mygengo is the offical platform for concrete5 translations. It's a nice tool, a bit slow, but please make sure everyone knows where to find the translations. This is imho the thing why some people wasted lots of time, there was even a person from Germany who translated concrete5 from scratch!

Please keep it simple!

mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
I think that the main point missing at the moment in c5 community is the lack of organization about translations. So I'm very happy about the fact that there' one person (Katz) that could organize the translations...
Translation should be a core activity for a project that aims to be used more and more worldwide. So I think it's very bad, for example, that at the moment people is not sure how to help translating: having still access to translations in svn in addition to myGengo is not so good. We need just one accessible place to translate. Furthermore myGengo lacks many important features (see what I wrote here:http://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/internationalization/help... ), and the available phrases to translate (the "po files") are not complete (and about that see my other posthttp://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/internationalization/corr... ).
All that just to say: c5 community needs a coordinator for translations, that can/have to fix the translation process and take care of the related problems; it's not necessary that he do everything alone, others may contribute (see for example the php script I posted in the above post). It's necessary to have a reference person.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks everyone.

Means of communication

I haven't had time to read through everybody's opinion yet.
But Skype could be the alternative communication tool to communicatte.

By running concrete5 Japan for 2 years, Skype has become very important tool to make the important decision among core members.

Sometime, I am too busy to write on the forum. But I believe many people use Skype already.

However, we also know that the forum also takes the important role to archive.

I would like Skype (other IM service) as "brainstorm" tool. But I want to make sure that all sumamries and changes will be recorded onto this forum.

I understand the concern of Remo. But sometime we want to have casual discussion. It seems that everybody has Skype account.

MyGengo or other translation tool

MyGento lacks some important tools. But it's certainly better than previous method that everybody worked on the .PO file without knowing who else were working.

Let's start discussing about MyGengo then.

So far, these are online collaboration services of translations.

- MyGengo
- LaunchPad
- Pootle

Does anyone else has the other suggestion?

Thanks a lot guys.
Xanweb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Katz,
i also started early translating C5 to german but as Cali said every Community has its own Plattform where opinions and suggestions go to! I´used Mygengo maybe twice and it´s not really the tool i can use for translations, i think it would be better if we can have a forum just for community leaders (maybe under Leaders in concrete5.org) where we can discuss the translation roadmap and the suggestions that every leader can bring with from his own plattform! that way we keep things simple and straight (as Remo said). Keeping the Discussion open (here or in any other open group) to every one, will turn in to chaos after a while as the community is growing and we will have a thread with thousands of posts!
mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
MyGengo or other translation tool

I think LaunchPad would be the best choice. If offers a lot of functionalities that MyGengo and Pootle don't.
One of the greatest is the collaborative way it works: thanks to a huge database of already translated strings it can suggest translations (which of course have to be approved by real translators).
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks everyone.

As right now, concrete5 Japan team is trying to release ASAP.
I'll get back to you guys once we finished translating our version... we're almost there.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello guys,

This is Katz. Japanese team finally finished translating concrete5.4.2.2 in the mid Dec, and jumped on to the various projects for our own "gigs".

Sorry for the late start.

The Japanese translation took longer than expected. And we only had once a week to work on the project as we all have main job to do.

But, we are now ready to start talking about new 5.5 series.

I've sent the Skype request to everybody in this thread so that we can start chatting, and figure out the better tool to communicate.

Thanks a lot.
cali replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi katz,

Glad to read it :)

for myself, i'm ready with C5.5.0 already translated in french and a blank .pot file ready for whose who nedd it.