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Hello guys.
I have a very interesting problem, and I have no clue or whatsoever how to fix this.
Basically, I have a site built upon Stucco theme, and it's a bilingual site.
Everything on site works flawlesly apart from blog. I want to display my news in the blog-like fashion.
So I created 2 different blogs (didn't map or copy the structure), one for each language.
But when I create a blog entry either in Croatian or English it still displays both of those entries in the same place (see the attachment).
I want them to be completely separated.
How to achieve this?

p/s: I'm using HW simple blog

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hutman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Go to each listing page and see if the Page List block is grabbing all pages of type blog, or only the pages of type blog under the page you want them from, I would be willing to bet it's pulling all Blog pages and if you switch it to only the ones in your section it will work.
mutantkeyboard replied on at Permalink Reply
Man, your hint was genius.
In fact I needed to duplicate Blog Entry Page Type and give it a different name, and then in each language pull the blog entries from that type.

You definitely deserve a beer.
flashoff replied on at Permalink Reply
You certainly deserve a good brandy.