Multilingual issues in 5.8

I've never created a multilingual site before so never had to deal with multiple nodes in 5.7, but now in 5.8 I'm running into stuff I don't understand, and there is no documentation yet on how to deal with this:

1. When I create a new language tree, this second language tree shows an empty Home page without content, even though I've copied the pages from the primary language tree + scanning of locale.
Why is that?
All the other content is copied fine.

2. Also: when I switch the primary language to the second one, really odd things happen: the main nav menu disappears from the sitewide header (sitewide footer empties as well), and when trying to add a new autonav - the page hangs.
What might that be?

Any solution?

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buurvrouw replied on at Permalink Reply
This is getting fixed in 8.2. See the multilingual issues in the bug-tracker and on github.
jiropii replied on at Permalink Reply
I saw those bug threads and thought they had nothing to do with mine, but yes, this seems the same:

Someone in that thread mentions a solution by using Stacks, but I don't understand what that would do or improve.