Multilingual redirects

I have noticed that in the current version of C5 and the Multilingual package (1.3 the free one)

If one were to go to - - you are redirected to the default language HP.

However, if you go to - - you are sent to a page not found.

It seems either a bug or maybe a feature that needs adding. The system should try to send you to the default language with that page tacked on the back of the url.

Like so: - Would attempt to redirect you to -

At least this is what happens in some other widely used CMS applications... is there any roadmap for this in the multilingual plugins?

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Responsive replied on at Permalink Reply
Your products would be under if you had created a page for this.

The app redirects you only for the home page to your default language eg and you would then be forwarded to the products page from an internal link.
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
It works alright on my sites. Have you used the Page Report function from the dashboard to match/link the pages so they match across languages?

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