Multiple Languages

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I have a client who wants a website in English, Japanese, & Mandarin.

I found tutorials from back in 2011 but I was wondering if anyone has a simple solution to adding different languages to pages in 5.7?

I was thinking of creating 3 different Home pages, Services pages, About us pages, & Contact us pages.

Anyone help will be greatly appreciated.


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gewald replied on at Permalink Reply
There are fairly robust tools for 5.6 for multiple languages. You'll probably find them easier to use than trying to do this in 5.7 just yet. Perhaps a question posted on those add-on pages would get you some idea of how long until they will be adapted to 5.7.
pouyat777 replied on at Permalink Reply
I already built the site in 5.7 for a client is there any possible to find a solution to make it work on 5.7? I would greatly appreciate a tutorial or anything!

ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
The multilanguage setup in 5.7 works quite the same as in 5.6. So not sure what version of 5.7 you're on, but I guess this was introduced in 5.7.3. So if you're not on this version yet, simply update!
MarcYBB replied on at Permalink Reply
Try this - it really explains everything concisely.
theneptune replied on at Permalink Reply
You update your version to 5.7.3.
Full Multilingual Website support has been added to the core of version 5.7.3.