Organized Translation Process


I'd like to see a concrete approach of the translation process, but we currently have a forum supported translation system afaik.

That's bad and that's why I'd like to mention:
You can use this site to collaborate and work together.

There is also another decentral option, that is using git/svn but that's not nearly as good as the site I've posted above.

Final Translation should get packaged into a default concrete5 installation in my opinion. You may ask why? I would ask why not? I mean do you want the additional traffic, so that users start seeking for their language.. that's not conform to your philosophy: "My, mum should be able to use Concrete5." At least when you mum is not american/english.

Have a nice weekend all :)
I'd like to see a teamup of the translators here. I would happily help translating also, if we can organize this.

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
started playing around with that,

ill keep adding languages, ill give specific people admin (Fernandos, Syslag, Defunct, and a few others)

Let me know for new languages
Xanweb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey fernandos,
i´m not sure if this will be the best Solution! I think the best way to translate a Software is to give all users -from the specific country- (specially non-translators and non-programmers the ability to discuss the translation, give new ideas and report mistakes (via a forum,trac or whatever!)
that´s also how is doing it and i did the same with
see: and i´m sure this is what "normal" users want to see within an open source project!
Now you and all the others are working on closed system with no option for the users to report anything!
2)If my mom needs a CMS, she won´t search in english sites, she will only search for something german she can understand!

Sorry but in my opinion this is a bad idea!
Xanweb replied on at Permalink Reply
This is my Idea!(maybe bad, maybe good)
What if the core Team choose a kind of offcial partnersite from each country(if existing) and this site should be the place where the translation has to be done!
If there is no Website existing: Why not a subforum(with the translator as mod) under the forums for each language, where people can talk in their own language and discuss about -not only- translations!
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
still, there should be a central place for everyone to do it
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
hi RII!

No, you're absolutely right, I was wrong, my intention was to help, but I didn't think around the edge :)

After evaluating it I see your point. The problem is that you should not put translators into a different place then that place they know and like. This is obviously wether c5's backend or the forums.

So the idea is a central place we're missing for this kind of task. Honestly it's currently a bit strangely organized. I'm still happy it works, but don't know how it works :D

(I'm sure that a smartphone app that could get linked to the translation process would make sense also. So the longer c5 stays with the translator in contact, the better it is for the community. I want to say, that an API would be nice)
synlag replied on at Permalink Reply
looks great. thx Mnkras.

Its ok for you guys to keep and manage it at
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
yea its not hard at all, if you register ill give you access to import po files

if anyone wants a language added let me know, currently its for version
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd also like to know if that's ok for you guys. I accept any solution doesn't matter for me. I'll help translating where I can, when I can.

Though I'd prefer a place here in
hanicker replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually at we use (which is very similar but a little bit older) for cms and packages too. And we use api to show something pretty inside official site.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
all those bugs with loading have been fixed, it was because of the mass amount of strings,

im also talking with them for an api
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
just by the way:
To translate you need to know english anyway. So it's ok when mygengo is only english atm.