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So, in order to use the "page list" block we need to change the source of the 'pages' being listed, say for 'every page under some selected page': the selected page being 'Portfolio page from the correct language sitemap page'.

Notice the warning:
This block is an alias of Page Defaults. Editing it here will "disconnect" it so changes to Page Defaults will no longer affect this block.

This means we can edit it from 'Page Defaults'. Now, I have 3 languages site with about 30 portfolio articles. I understand I can change all these blocks one by one, editing each page. But this is a repetitive work that I'm sure someone will point me out a better way to do so - at least I hope.
So, is there a way to change this default block on Portfolio type pages for each language?

Thanks in advance

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nmpribeiro replied on at Permalink Reply
So, found how default pages layouts are created. Created 1 stack for each language, inserted in each Stack the right 'localized' page list block. And inserted the 3 stacks (one for each language) in the page default for projects.

Now, I create a project and the 3 blocks from the 3 stacks apear at the same time on my view. Is there a way to impose 'stack' localization?

(I hope I made myself understood)

nmpribeiro replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply