Recreating a Global Area for a content section

Hi everyone, I'm asking for help.

I have installed. When setting up Multilingual, adding a new content section and copying pages from the old section I have bumped into issue many people are having: global areas on pages of the new content section are empty (although in the Dashboard, Stacks & Blocks, View Global Areas I could still see them, also for the new content section). For most global areas, I simply re-added missing blocks on pages and configured as necessary. Issue remedied (though I'm dying to see all these internalization bugs fixed...)

But for one global area, I decided to experiment and in the Stacks & Blocks, I misinterpreted the purpose of "Clear Global Area" button, thinking that it will only clear its contents, and clicked it. That's how I learnt the hard way that it in facts DELETES the global area. The button title seems misleading to me, and its purpose not clear.

However, turns out that it only disappeared from Stacks & Blocks; but the global area per se continues to exist and do its work on pages, correctly within the new content section context. Phew, at least functionality of my site is intact. But... it would still be nice to have it back in Stacks & Blocks, because there I could change its permissions, for example.

So, the question is, how can global area in Stacks & Blocks be (re)created manually? Because usually it is created automatically on the first access of a page with $a = new Area('Area Name') in it. But what can I do in my case to get my global area back?

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ong replied on at Permalink Reply

I am not sure, but it seems like a regular area you mention. GlobalAreas should be like:

$a = new GlobalArea('Header Site Title');

snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
What made you doubt that area in question is not global? Of course it is. Of course it's defined as new Global Area(), and as I said above it continues to work as such (just disappeared from Stacks & Blocks).