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Hi guys,

Is it possible to remove the /en/ that's being used by the internationization add-on? I've seen the Domain Mapper and Multisite add-one, but they are not good enough, I think.

They can point to a certain level in the page tree, but links themselves edited in the content area, link to /en/page/.

I've done some intensive searching already but couldn't find a solution so far. If someone has a suggestion, I'd be very thankful!

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FernandoCordeiro replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe mod_rewrite?

Maybe it would be too complex to develop, but is surely possible.

It's the same way as C5 hides the "index.php", though you're ALWAYS accessind index.php, and none of the folders that appear actually exist. :D
peterrr replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe I'm wrong, but the navigation helper generates full paths based on the cID. I don't see any possibility to just hide this language part from an <a>-tag.

I think it's possible to rewrite /en/, but the link's path still shows the language in it. That gives some issues with duplicate content, I think.

For now I'll use a different approach and just make all pages without the language folders in the sitemap. Then I have to differentiate them with page attributes.

If you've another suggestions, please let me know!
SMARTdesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
Multiple Domains Add-On ( helps here. You can map each language tree to a different domain. The Add-On also includes a custom Autonav block which outputs navigation links without language handles.


After: (or
junkie12 replied on at Permalink Reply
I wanted to do it on this site I have tried everything but nothing helping. so complicated