Stop using U.S.A Date format of mm/dd/yyyy PLEASE

I am formally requesting that Concrete5 please stop using the U.S.A date format of MM/dd/yyyy on all the front end and back-end website pages. Over 90% of the world does not use the U.S.A MM/dd/yyyy date format and frankly it is confusing and misleading.

I am formally requesting that if the site can't determine which country the site is loaded in and displays the date format according, then all dates no matter where, should clearly indicate with the month as a string not a number like July 4th, 2016 or 4th July 16.

If i was to ask a none U.S.A. client what 3/5/16 was, I would get a reply the 3rd of May 2016, and I would be providing wrong and incorrect information, specially if client needs to know an expiry date, contract date or when something is due. Non U.S.A customers can find this misleading and incorrect and have every right to make a complaint or even worse.

The Conrete5 website is available on a world wide platform and can be used by anyone in the world, can you please start running your site with a global community in mind and not be so fixed on being a one country service.

By the way its Internationalisation not Internationalization, its spelled with a S. You set up a forum topic for making concrete5 more international (i guess that means for non U.S.A countries) and you can't even have the decency to respect us non U.S.A countries and spell Internationalisation how the rest of world does.

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studio108 replied on at Permalink Reply
for good or bad US English is the universal language for most software development.

You can always change the date format.

Hope this helps.
supportrealm replied on at Permalink Reply
um I am so sorry, i don't care if the queen of England (the birth of English) herself makes a decree that the U.S.A has the now right to claim that their language is the universal english language. I will not accept it. Only 9.6% of the world fall under being part of the U.S.A and I am not one of them. I wish the U.S.A. is stop thinking they are the centre of the universe and stop forcing their ways on everyone else.

supportrealm replied on at Permalink Reply
I think its a sad that England English is clarified as a foreign language and has to be treated like Japanese or Spanish on an English speaking website.
mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
concrete5 (as all other software around the world) needs to define a "starting" language, I mean the base language the software is written in.

Since concrete5 is a software made in US, I think it's natural to have it American English.

What would you suggest? To switch to British English? So, others would argue that UK is not the center of the world...
supportrealm replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
sure why not... it would at lest stop people like me (a non USA person) from screaming at the screen and writing forum posts that will be miss-interpreted .... sure why not

mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Why not?
Well, the only reason for such a big change that you are giving is because you prefer British English instead of American English.
Me, for one, I'd prefer Italian. So, why shouldn't we rewrite all the concrete5 code in Italian? I'd be soooo happy! Why should someone prefer your language over mine?

BTW, I really don't understand your problem... Having a concrete5 installation in British English is as easy as choosing a value from a drop down menu...
supportrealm replied on at Permalink Reply
My original post was a request that the U.S.A. date format on concrete5's web pages not be confusing and as it is global site is it should have a more clear day to month clarification. I see including an option is a big no no.
mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry, I didn't fully understand your request. I thought you were speaking about concrete5 installations, not about website.

What about adopting the YYYY-MM-DD format? I think that it'd be a solution suitable for everyone...
tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree but you must admit the the USA is the greatest country ever (tongue firmly in cheek).
surefyre replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I think even the daftest country might get that setting language to British English would mean dd/mm/yyyy.

The Germans get it done to their format if you change language to German.
mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
The latest .mo British English language file available at should fix the date format. The Queen can be happy now;)
sofc replied on at Permalink Reply
I never understood the logic of month - day - year ?

Though always use letters for month, so less goes wrong.
mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
It's quite rare that there's a logic behind any language: evolution and influences of foreign and ancient languages make any language a mess (unless you learn it since you are a child, so it's natural for you).
The most safe solution would be to switch to YYYY-MM-DD: anyone would understand it and nobody would misunderstand it. Anyhow we have live in a real world, and latest language files available at should fix the date/time formats