Test & Make utf8mb4_general_ci for MySQL 5.5.x and later for better internationalization

Just to throw thing out to International community of concrete5.

MySQL 5.5.x later now supports UTF8mb4 encoding. And you should use this "UTF8mb-general_ci" collation for your concrete5 site.

Recently, more multibyte characters became available. However, due to the lack of the space, some of new multibyte characters are 4 bytes instead of 3 bytes. utf8_general_ci collation only supports 3 bytes characters.

If someone mistakenly used 4 byte characters under utf8_genera_ci environment, there is a risk of your DB is being corrupted.

If you are planning to make multilingual website, you should consider using or converting your DB collation to "UTF8mb-general_ci" for 5.7 site if your MySQL server is later than 5.5.x.


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