Translation of site interface not available

I'm somehow stuck with the tool for the translation of the Site Interface.
I have two content sections (German / English). However I can only translate my strings into English. The German translation is not available.

I have tried to clear the cache and reload the strings but nothing changed.
However it seems to work if I change the country to Austria for example. So how do I get the German German (de_DE) to work? I already deleted the whole content sections and added them again but still not possible to translate German strings. Any suggestions to fix this?

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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you change the "Site interface source locale" option from "English - United States" to "German - Germany" in the dashboard page dashboard/system/multilingual/setup ? If so, try reverting it...
dklx replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a lot. I did not know about this option