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what is the preferred way to create a multilanguage website with 8 where each language has its own language root?
I install C5 in german - then the default language is "de" and the german home is "/".
Then I add english and the en-root is "/en".

How can I move the german home to "/de"?

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
You can go to your sitemap and go to the "SEO" section of the page (after clicking "Home"). Now go to the "URL Slug" field and enter "de" there. Done.
teamorange replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you - that works and helps me.

But the new multilanguage-engine seems quite buggy:

A sitemap-navigation-block in the main language starts on top in the language home.
The same block in another language ignores the language-root.

And the page reports doesn't work anymore at the moment...

(But the 8 is so new - this might be fixed soon...)
magnolia4 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

I've the same problem!

I need to localize the root domain from to
jfhencken replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Multilingual methodology has changed from v5.7 to v8.1 It takes some experimentation to figure it out since there are no How-Tos or videos that I am aware of.

Franz did two fine YouTube videos:
Apr 25, 2015 [English & Klingon]
Jun 16, 2016 [English, Spanish & German]
on how to do multilingual in v5.7 and they were very straight forward for v5.7 but now that we are on v8.1 the videos no longer sync with the software.

Franz please consider creating a new Multilingual “How to” video for version 8.

In the process of trying to figure out how v8 multilingual works I added two new Locales in Multilingual Setup, Spanish at /es_mx and German at /de_de. When I click on the Multilingual Setup link for Spanish it takes me to a page athttp://domainname/index.php/es_mx... When I go to the Sitemap it now shows English, Spanish and German tabs. es_mx is not under the original Home page (which is now under the English tab). It does not show up anywhere under Home. It doesn’t show up in any site tree under the Spanish tab UNTIL I turn on “Include System Pages in Sitemap” then it shows up in the tree at the same level as My Account and Dashboard (which contains Sitemap). So, using Sitemap, I decided to add a Contact page under the Spanish page leaving the default Page Location as Spanish. It created a Contact page under Spanish. I also created a Contact page under German. So then I went back to Multilingual Setup and clicked on the English link. That gave me a redirection error and I was not able to get back to the original Home page. To fix this issue do the following:

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you are committed to doing Multilingual, change the original Home page SEO URL from blank to en_us (or whatever the default Locale name [in lower case] is on your installation)

So, concrete5-8.1.0 has eliminated the need for you to create your own language tree “Home” pages in Sitemap as was demonstrated by Franz under concrete5.7. It gets done for you automatically in Multilingual Setup. The default Locale page which is in the language you choose when you installed concrete5-8.1 is already pre-created.
jfhencken replied on at Permalink Reply
See the attached PDF in the post above for a visual walk through of what I did to get it to the point I described above. Not sure what I will run into moving forward – hopefully nothing.
jiropii replied on at Permalink Reply
Would you have any idea as to why I can't place a main nav-menu in my 'second' language tree pages?
Also I don't understand why the second language tree shows an empty Home page, even though I've copied the pages from the primary language tree + scanning of locale.
jfhencken replied on at Permalink Reply
All my successful multilingual experiences have been while using concrete5-8.1.0 and the Elemental/Cloneamental themes.
For Elemental/Cloneamental themes all header global areas are copied over to the secondary language pages. At least they are copied over if you use the Multilingual | Copy Languages | Copy Tree function or the Multilingual | Page Report | Create Page or Map functions.
Perhaps you are using different page types / page templates for some of your secondary languages?. Different Global Area names/handles?