"Welcome back" intenationalization after 5.5.x

Guys, concrete5 Japan is about to finish Japanese translation of concrete 5.5.1. And we're currently testing the bugs.

5.5.1 Japanese version

You can download the developer's version copy from our GitHub repo.
In addition to the Japanese translation, we've adding the support for multybyte. So Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian and other multibyte language users may want to take a look at our achievement.


- Support multibyte URL
- Support multibyte TinyMCE
- Adding Japanese language packegae to TinyMCE
- Fixing other multibyte issues.
----- Installation progress bar internationalization fix

If you have any suggestion, please drop a line to us.

After a week or two of debugging the beta, unless we find some bugs, we will release the 5.5.1 Japanese version soon.

Welcome Back screen after 5.5.x

My main discussion is "Welcome Back" screen of concrete5.

Since many Japanese users cannot read English, the English welcome back screen is useless. We would like to add the welcome back in Japanese.

Probably this issue comes with the other language translators.

But how we should maintain?

How we should build the system to deliver those welcome back screen?

We would like to discuss this.

For 5.5.1 Japanese edition, we would like to release it ASAP, so we may leave it as English.

Attn: translation leaders

We have created the concrete5 Translation Group Skype discussion room. Because of the big time difference many of us are having hard time to be on the IRC chat room.

The problem of IRC Chat room is that they won't deliver the messages that are posted while you're offline.

If you are translating other languages and exchange the information, please Skype me at katz515

Skype: katz515

Make sure to tell me that you're interested in translating concrete5 of a specific language.


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furehead replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe the best solution for international sites is to disable welcome back screen: