When a translation is eligible to be automatically installed/updated

I have a multilingual site (English, Hungarian, Romanian).
English and Hungarian can be installed automatically from concrete 8 but Romanian is not: one needs to download, unzip, rename and put it in the right place. Besides, it is not update-able if a newer version appears online.

Looking athttps://translate.concrete5.org/translate/package/concrete5... I can see that Romanian is translated 48% whilst Hungarian is 72%, both on orange.
I have registered as a translator for Romanian and have translated more texts in a try to increase the numbers (thinking that maybe there is a threshold over which the language becomes downloadable) but the percentage don't seem to change. Questions:

1. How complete the core translation in a language should be, to get it into the auto installable pool of languages?
2. Is there a mechanism to approve user translations once added to the system? If so, who needs to approve mine to count in that percentage?
3. Who is assigning the language team coordinators? I can see there is no coordinator for Romanian, and only 2 translators including me.
I can be the coordinator if needed (I have some official English translating background).
On the other hand, the other guy did most of the translation until now so he deserves it more :) I don't care who's gonna be, but I think we need a coordinator for this team to push it into the automatically downloadable group.


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mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply

Romanian is not listed in the concrete5 dashboard page because it's currently translated only at 48%.
By default concrete5 lists languages translated at least at 60% (seehttps://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/blob/8.2.0/concrete/config/co... ).
In order to get Romanian listed in the dashboard page you have these two options:

Option 1. lower the 60% limit. You can do so by setting the concrete.i18n.community_translation.progress_limit value, for instance using the followng CLI command:
concrete/bin/cocrete5 c5:config set concrete.i18n.community_translation.progress_limit 45

Option 2. contribute to the Romanian translation. Please keep in mind that concrete5 is a big project, and it has more that 5500 translatable strings. So, you have a 1% increment every 55 strings you translate. Once Romanian is translated at 60% it should be listed in the concrete5 dashboard page (you many need to clear the concrete5 cache or wait 1 hour since the last time you listed the installable languages).

About the approval status of strings: let's first introduce a bit of terminology
A translatable string can be in one of the following state:
a. there's no translation
b. there's an unapproved (aka unreviewed) translation
c. there's an approved (aka reviewed) translation

Who can approve the translations? Every language team may have translators and coordinators. Both can add translations, but only the coordinators can mark translations as approved. Normal translators can add new translations (if there's not a currently approved translation). If a translation is already approved, the normal translators can only suggest new translations: coordinators will decide if approve the new translations or keep the currently approved ones.

In any case, the translation progress (48% for Romanian) is not limited to the approved translations: also unreviewed translations are included.

I have the responsibility to set the language coordinators. In the case of Romanian, I haven't yet designated a coordinator since no body has manifested interest in it. If you want to be the language coordinator, I'd be glad to set you so: you'll be able (and have to) review Romanian strings, as well as approve/deny new members of the Romanian translation team. You can coordinate the translation of Romanian by contacting the other translator via a private message (or Slack, or the way you want).
You could try to involve other people that know English and Romanian to share the translation work, but I'd suggest having just one (or very few) coordinators, in order to grant a better level of consistency in translations.

And of course, if I haven't been clear in some points or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me!
csebe replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Michele,

Sorry for the late reply. I was trying to get in touch with the other Romanian translator before seizing this opportunity for myself, but no luck.

So... yes, I would like to be set as a coordinator for Romanian. I have a good background translating IT books from English to Romanian, books that have been published by important publishing houses in Romania.
Also, it seems that my successful relationship with Concrete5 is gonna continue past version 5.6, the one I have known Concrete5 at, and still my favourite :))

Please let me know when I am set up as such.

One more question though: when you talk about the minimum percentage needed to get Romanian into "listed" languages, you're considering hopefully only the core and not any additional packages, right?

Thank you,

mlocati replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Claudiu

I've just set you as the coordinator of the Romanian translation team!

And of course you are right: the translation progress is only calculated for the core.
concrete5 8.2 allows you to also install automatically language files for the installed packages, and their progress is calculated independently from the core; every "package" (with that I also include the core translations) has its own progress.