Country Flags

If you find the default set of country flags a bit small (16x16), as I do. I have got a set at 24x24. Download the attached zip file , upload to your application folder and unzip. You should now see bigger flags.

Site Interface with error after upgrade from 5.7.3 into

I just updated my concrete5 from 5.7.3 into and then into The upgrade shows success message. What i found not working is the multilingual's translate interface. When I click on the edit button for a language it display the error [code] T…


Hi everyone! I'm using Concrete Always get this error, when I try to use Translate Site Interface after saving file: "Plural rule of merging text domain is not compatible with the current one". English version of site works fine, but Russian shows…

Concrete5.7 package translation does't work

I'm trying to translate my package going by the steps in this Howto: But the very first string I need to translate gives me an error: public $entry_name = t('Name:');…

Internalization + single pages

It's great that the Internalization package is now integrated in Concrete 5.7. But it seems single pages are still not supported in this feature which kind of makes Internalization a problem if you need to use these in your application (in my case the log…

Timeout Problem - Suggestions for Fix?

I have a site built with ( ). Most of the traffic comes from Europe and other countries. About half of all visitors in overseas countries are getting a "timeout" error. What can be done to help fix this problem?

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