Language detection

Hi, I'm making my first 5.7 C5 site, so I'm still a bit lost on the new way of doing things. I used to use this for redirecting to the current language homepage: [code] $home = DIR_REL; if ( Package::getByHandle('multilingual') ) { $ms = Mu…

5.7 External form with date picker - calendar not translated

Hi folks, I need to have an external form with a date picker (for the birth date). The site is in French and German. Everything works fine (translation done through t('english_string') and the "Translate Site Interface") except the fact the date pick…

International date formats

Hi Guys, is it possible to get the month name in different languages? I have a multilingual site, changing the language should change the month name in page list block. I found this how-to from michele:…

Portuguese Translation

Hi, How can I help translate concrete5 5.7? Portuguese spoken countries use "portuguese brasil" (not the original europe portuguese) and....for sure google translated... (really bad) I want (if possible) to help on these. Portuguese Spoken Countr…

Is it possible to display a flag only if page exists ?

Hi community, We have a multilingual website but some of our pages are not available in all the languages. The problem is that the flag is always displayed, whether the page exists or not. From my research it seems that this information is not a…

Sitemap hreflang formatted

Hi, Is there any way to have the sitemap.xml which is produced by concrete5 to be formatted as per google's multilingual suggestions?

remove default language from url

My SEO guy is asking if there's any way to remove /en/ from the url, as that's the default locale, but show /de etc for other languages? Was thinking there must be URL rewrite in .htaccess, but can't seem to get it to work.

Get Mapped Page by cID and Language / Locale

Hi, I needed to hard code some links in my template, but was running into an issue where changing the url paths in alternate languages would cause the links to fail. My current solution is to create a config variable with an array of the cIDs of ea…

Composer Language changes when changing site language

Hi, I'm a bit confused why when I switch languages on my site and go to edit or add blocks, etc, the composer language is translated into the selected language. Is there a way to separate the translation of the admin interface from the site language?

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