Adding languages with Formigo - Vertigo Theme

I'm using the Vertigo Theme by formigo, really excellent theme. I'm having some difficulties though when adding a new language. Since I'm not using the auto-nav but the built-in navigation, it shows both language "trees". I would like only the default lan…

How do I get internationalisation to work in 5.7.3 ?

I just updated to 5.7.3 looking forward to try out the internationalisation update... But I can't find it - or how to start it. I found languages, but there is no way I can do anything other than change the default language - not add a language to mak…

Is it possible in 5.7?

Hi. Im looking for idea how to include internationalization in to my website. Unfortunetly I`m working in concrete 5.7 so add-on called internationalization is not supported to my version. Have you any ideas? Thanks guys in advance!

how to detect the current language

Hi, I'm using Internationalization & trying to set up a global area for each language with an if else statement. I've tried this on my homepage, works fine & returns a different result for each language installed: HOWEVER, when I use…

Copy Language Tree excludes home page

I understand the behaviour of this will not copy across or replace the home page itself. However, that is exactly the general workflow I associate with adding a new language to a website. If I have an English site tree and then wish to add another lang…

So in the meantime how can we do

Until the switch language addon gets adapted for 5.7, what are the alternatives we have if we already started migrating a site to 5.7 and that we do need the site in different languages ? Many thanks

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