403 forbidden on FB and Apple

Hi I`ve got a problem after install internationalization. Over Apple stuff / Safari site from time to time return 403 error. (attach) Over FB after paste link there is 403 error Please help me to solve that problem. Daniel

Manager Language Add-on

Has anyone used this add on and what is the accuracy level of the translation text. We are having accuracy level issues with the off the shelf Google translator. Appreciate any responses and recommendations for achieving an effective translation platfo…

main language in root and not in subdirectory /en/

Dear Concrete5 community, Im building a multilingual website with concrete5, and i'm using the internationalization add-on build by concrete5 itself: This add-on does create for every…

German language fails

Hello, i tried to switch the backend language to german, but this won't work at my webhosters linux machine.. i always get an error from 3rd party zend module:[code] Notice: The language 'de_DE' has to be added before it can be used. in /home/.sites…

Simple Event (months) language

Hi folks, i'm building this site with finnish language and i need to change/translate those months into finnish language. How do i do that? I have installed finnish language package fi_FI into Concrete5 but that did not change anything? Where…

Orbit SLider not working after RTL

HI , i'm working with structura theme, i have changed the theme base.css file to RTL [code] td { margin: 0; padding: 0; direction: rtl; } [/code] now the orbit slider is not working .. any help please

Multilingual redirect fatal error !! Help !!

So... strangest error yet. When I'm logged in to my site and visit the root URL (witch should redirect me to my native language) I got a fatal error everytime. It did disapear when I relog it seems but someone might want to look into it.

does concrete5 supports rtl

Hi i know that concrete5 is translated to arabic but im asking about UI of it does it supports rtl thanks in advance

Different content in global area for different language

Hi. I have 2 languages on website and I have some global areas. It works fine for one language but the problem is that I have 2 languages. Can anybody tell me how to setup different content for one language and different for another. I dont want to…

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