Romanian / Română

ROMANIAN TRANSLATION FOR CONCRETE5 is ready ******************************************* Instrucţiuni de descărcare şi instalare pentru traducerea oficială în limba română a Concrete5 Am deschis acest thread pentru a elimina confuzia şi pentru a ţi…

German translation updated

I just translated all the new strings.. Took me a while and I'm sure there are some wired translations as I sometimes didn't not really know where to find the string. Will update it as soon as I work a bit more with 5.3.3. Currently only working on …

.po update for 5.3.3

Someone please update the .po for 5.3.3? and maybe provide a download link under 'developers' section for other translators to easily find it.

British date format

Anyone know if there is a way to convert the date format used in Concrete? In the uk we use dd/mm/yy rather than mm/dd/yyyy and it is going to be very confusing in some respects if I can't localise the date... Cheers

Greek characters are converted to HTML codes in source

Hello, I have a problem with greek characters. When I type any greek in any of the fields they get translated to HTML codes in the source. Apart from the RichTextEditor this also happens for titles and such, meaning that I cannot type any decent titles…


For all Romanian developers. Let's work together on a Romanian translation for the Concrete5 interface, one that would actually make sense to most users.

Multilanguage Site

Hi! Internationalization and Localization is ready since August 25, 2009. I've posted the code to the C5 Team, but they had not much time, due to the eCommerce block and the C5 5.3.3 Update. However it'll hopefully go into the source in the next …

Final merged strings 5.3.2, language updates posted to sourceforge

Just wanted to let everyone know I've merged strings for all languages for 5.3.2. I know I've said this before, but we have officially released 5.3.2 as of this morning, so this REALLY IS the final ! ;-) Additionally, I have taken all the translations …

How to install languages

Hello, I'm new to concrete and I'm wondering how can i install another language ... is there any link that have the steps for that ? ... thanks in advance.

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