Translating Package to German

Got a package and want to offer it in German language too? Make it translatable, how described at and send me .po file. Regards Ron

Suggestion: Multilingual Package

I'm not a programmer but I will try to bring a constructive suggestion. I definitively believe, that some of you can come up with an add-on package, that allow to insert a block in a page-type (links or flags), so it keeps the value in a variable of …

5.4.0RC1 Now Available, Including Updated Translation Files

I'm happy to report that the first release candidate for concrete 5.4 is now available. You can download it from our Downloads Page: You should be able to upgrade all your 5.3.2-and-greater sites to it without any…


I have a client that wants a c5 site then she wants to know if c5 will duplicate the site er every page in spanish text. Is this possible?

C5 won´t change language

Installed C5 for testing on server, 5 months ago, in english. Installed spanish language afterwards following this instructions: Now, can´t replicate translation procedure on local…

"kino's quick localization" has been created.

"kino's quick localization" has been created. If the same input and output gettext Check the DB If bilingual output, it If not, DB registered Management screen you can edit the table. Someone who like to use? 1st. install "kino's quick localizat…

Hebrew translation

I'd like to translate Concrete5 into Hebrew. I understand that an Arabic version exists so the RTL issues are resolved. Is this correct? I speak Arabic as well, so if I could see an Arabic version next to the English one, Hebrew should be a breeze.

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