wrong charset... can it be changed

Hey. I have this website http://www.vilduvæ It is a Danish side who can see. And in the Danish alphabet, we have the letters æ ø å. to get these characters to appear just on one site encoding should be ISO-8859-1 or 8859-15 with th…

Using Multi-byte filename

Yamanoi-san from Usagi Project He suggest the following. So that we can use multi-byte filename in concrete5. We can start from here.... Japanese Windows users are using SHIFT-JIS character code for fil…

Mail regexp translation

Hi! I just saw that the trunk messages.po was updated, so I have commenced on updating my sv_SE translation using the new strings. I must say I am happy to finally see internationalized date strings! :) However, there's a new regexp that I don't qui…

German c5 translation

Thanks for the current german translation you can find here if you have faith and a lot of time. Regretfully it has to be overworked to be accurate, users should not use it blind…

Calendar application to work in other language

Hi, Does anyone know if the Application "Calendar" supports Concrete5 localisation in others languages? I have Concrete5 in french and wonder if "Calendar" application will also work in french? Otherwise I won't buy it. Thanks

How to modify transliteration?

If I set page name to "Ääliö" (jerk in Finnish), the alias is automatically set to "aeaelioe". Am I able to modify the transliteration so that "Ääliö" becomes to "aalio"? It's a lot easier to read. I know that I can change the alias manually, but most …

Portuguese PT

Is anyone translating to portuguese from Portugal. If so may I help? If not - may I start? Best Regards Jose

Encoding in blocks problem.

Hi! I've tried to make Russian translate of c5, but there is a problem. Everything is OK in the dashboard and editing bars. But in the blocks(pop-up divs), the encoding is wrong. Anybody knows the solution for this problem? Right:…

Persian Translation

I'm working on Persian (Farsi) Translation. How do I get all pages and stuff to turn right to left? (dir=rtl)

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