Multilanguage Site

Hi! Internationalization and Localization is ready since August 25, 2009. I've posted the code to the C5 Team, but they had not much time, due to the eCommerce block and the C5 5.3.3 Update. However it'll hopefully go into the source in the next …

Final merged strings 5.3.2, language updates posted to sourceforge

Just wanted to let everyone know I've merged strings for all languages for 5.3.2. I know I've said this before, but we have officially released 5.3.2 as of this morning, so this REALLY IS the final ! ;-) Additionally, I have taken all the translations …

How to install languages

Hello, I'm new to concrete and I'm wondering how can i install another language ... is there any link that have the steps for that ? ... thanks in advance.

Custom Buttons in Dashboard (Single pages/subtitles)

How do I set the subtitle on my custom Dashboard buttons, I am using a Non-English language file. When I add single pages, the filename(minus .php) is shown for header on the button, that's great, but the subtitle is missing, and C5 shows some informat…

breadcrumb with wrong encoding

Hallo i use greek language on my forum content and everysting is ok except the breadcrumb part where the greek characters are strange. I guess something is messed up in the enconding part of things i have attached a printscreen of the problem

Simplified Chinese characters display as question marks

I am trying to do a very simple website. Content needs to be in both English and Simplified Chinese. Whenever I try to enter Chinese characters in the blocks, the output is a series of question marks. Is this one of the software's limitations, or i…

Turkish chars.

i couldnt make Turkish chars on site. when i change app char to iso-8859-9 i doesnt make any change. i guess it cant store turkish chars in database? what must i do?

german translation

hi all, where do i get a german translation for 5.3.1.? I have tried to install the german languages file 5.2 but i dont get it to work. I followed all the instructions made a file and so on but it wont work? Is there a new german transl…

5.3.2 strings merged

Just wanted to let everyone know, I've merged the strings for our upcoming release into every language's trunk/messages.po file. We will be releasing the language files on SourceForge along with 5.3.2, so everyone is urged to get what you can in over …

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